6 Ways uRRestaurant Can Help Enhance Brand Loyalty For Your Restaurant

Apr 10, 2015


Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is vital for developing and maintaining a successful business. Not only does it cost less to retain current customers than it does to attract new customers but over their lifetime loyal customer spend 10 times more. Your loyal customers can make up 80% of your total revenue and account for up to 84% of total visits to your business. Here at uRRestaurant we have developed solutions to help enhance efficiency, increase customer engagement, improve service and develop brand loyalty. Here are 6 way we can help you leave a lasting impression and build brand loyalty:

1. Convenience

We live in an age where people expect information at their fingertips. The uRRestaurant range of mobile technologies for restaurants, takeaways bars and cafes allow customers to access the information they need and want just with a few taps on their phone. Our mobile app allows customers to browse your menu, order and pay for the takeaway, make a table reservation and even pre-order their food.

2. Incentives

Offering customers incentives for visiting your restaurant or making a purchase will encourage them to return again and again. Loyalty solutions work great in restaurants as the customer gets rewarded when they return giving them an extra reason to dine at your restaurant. Loyalty solutions are just one of the many features we offer in our mobile apps. Not only could you benefit from returning business but you also gain valuable customer data that will allow you to enhance your marketing and assess trends.

3. Service

waiterPadSlow service is one of the key bugbear for many customers. Not only does this irritate customers but it also impacts your restaurants efficiency and profitability. Using our waiterPad mobile POS system waiters can take orders and submit them to the kitchen or bar straight from the customers table. By eliminating the need to go back and forth to a traditional central POS you enhance efficiency, increase order accuracy and your staff have more time to focus on delivering a higher standard of customer service.

4. Virtual Queue

There is nothing more unappealing than seeing a queue that stretches out of the front door. People want to feel like they are being looked after and not forgotten. Virtual Queueing is another feature that we offer on our mobile apps. Allow your customers to relax at the bar while waiting for their table rather then have them standing in the entrance making the place look over-crowded. Once the customers table is ready they will be sent a notification and their phone becomes a pager that informs them your ready for them.

5. Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for all businesses but especially restaurants! Customers want to feel involved and social media is a brilliant way to build relationships with your customers. By increasing your customer engagement you will build stronger relationships with your customers and increase their loyalty to your brand. We have embedded many social media platforms into our mobile apps so your customers can easily tweet, post and share their positive experiences to all their follower!

6. Tailored Marketing

Direct MarketingGeneric marketing campaigns may have the advantage of reaching lots of people however it is not alway relevant to the recipient. Direct tailored marketing makes the customers feel important and valued. When a customer receive a notification straight to their phone with an offer, deal or news relevant to them you increase the effectiveness of your marketing. By utilising the data in their user profile and purchase history you can send tailored offers depending on their gender, age, location and even their favourite food.

If you want to find out more about what uRRestaurant can offer your restaurant, cafe, bar or club get in touch with a member of our lovely team at info@urrestaurant.com or drop them a call on 01223 851 781, we would love to hear from you.