Bring back the personal touch with one-to-one marketing

Oct 07, 2015

The key to returning business in your restaurant is customer loyalty. A loyal customer will return again and again earning you ten times that of a customer that only visits you once. The challenge lies in increasing your customers loyalty to your brand in the first place. Here at uRRestaurant we want to help you engage with your customers with one-to-one marketing and build a relationship with every last one.

one-to-one marketing


The key to adding that personal touch to your customers is by learning more about them. In the past restaurants have achieved this from years of getting to know their customers day in and day out. These days this is much more unrealistic, many restaurants just aren’t geared up to be able to deliver this personal level of service. Whether its because staff turnover is much higher than ever before, the owners are no longer the face of the business or if its just because its not just local people eating in the local restaurant anymore as people are willing to travel further these days.

Our restaurant and takeaway mobile apps allow businesses to not only offer the food ordering and table reservation services to your customers via their smartphones but also allows you to capture information that will allow you to start developing the relationship between your brand and the customer. By knowing even the simplest of information like your customers name makes such a difference to their experience.

Why not inform your restaurant or takeaway staff with the relevant information when a customer walks through your door. You can greet your customers by name making them feel like a true VIP. You can send them targeted marketing material based on the meals they regally order or offer special offers for birthday celebrations. This one-to-one marketing is all made possible just by collecting some valuable data from your branded mobile app.

If you would like more information about how you can increase your customer loyalty with one-to-one marketing using our restaurant and takeaway branded mobile apps why not get in touch?