How Digital Signage Can Benefit Your Restaurant or Store

Feb 19, 2015

Digital signage has helped many businesses achieve more customer engagement as well as helping to drive more up-sells and higher revenue in restaurants, takeaways, bars and retail stores. So lets explore how digital signage can help you achieve success in your business.

Digital Signage - Digital Display


Take control of what your customers see and when. If you have time specific marketing such as lunch meal deals or even have a different menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner you have the option to schedule the digital signage to display at the appropriate time.

EPOS Integration

The advanced menu board function allows your screens to import the menu information such as product description, pricing and pictures directly from the EPOS and displays it to your customers in a format that suits. Multiple pricing, nutritional information, portion sizes and much more can all be displayed. Because the information is being imported from the EPOS, all changes such as price will be reflected on the screens in real time with no need of redesigning the graphics.

Multimedia Functional

Enhance your marketing with eye catching digital material. Our digital signage solutions can display a wide range of media from videos, audio and presentations to PDF, HTML and TXT. This gives the business the choice to use the marketing material that captures the attention of customers.

media files - Digital Display

illumiEye™ Proximity & Image Discovery

Our illumiEye™ Proximity and Image Discovery services have been integrated with the digital signage multimedia management system. The illumiEye™ Image Discovery provides reliable user engagement from screen content e.g. play an ad on a user’s mobile device using screen image content as the trigger; download content to the phone based upon what’s being displayed to consume later etc.

The illumiEye™ Proximity services trigger real time content on the digital signage based upon profile details of mobile app users in defined proximity to the screen e.g. at it’s simplest, display female focused content when the audience in the vicinity of the screen is predominately female or male focused content when audience predominately male. Other trigger criteria can be used as long as the trigger data is available. This real time content can also include personalisation where appropriate e.g. insert a user’s name into a predefined message.

Through these illumiEye services we can also present user generated content to the digital signage e.g. user photos from the app as well as interactive dialogue with shoppers via the screens.

Touch Screen Capability

We additionally offer digital signage that enable the end user to interact with the content via touch screen technology. This allows the customer to drill down and find the content that is relevant to them.

Stylish Design

All of our digital displays are of the highest quality with a stylish feel. Our digital displays can benefit your business whether your after digital menu boards for inside your restaurant, digital posters for your store front or our newest flagship product, the Transparent Digital Wall. This advanced digital display doubles as a window when no content is displayed. The media software can handle this as either a single display or multiple segmented displays based upon campaign configuration.

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