Outdoor Dining, Are You Ready For Summer Service?

May 07, 2015

Ideally all restaurant owners want the sun to be shining all year round, however they have to face facts that we’re here in the UK not in California with perfect sunshine all years round. Despite the temperamental UK weather restaurants should still take full advantage of their outdoor space. Time Out have actually published London’s best outdoor dining that just shows people are on the look out restaurants to dine where the can enjoy the sunshine!

Those restaurants that miss out on outdoor dining are missing out on a big revenue opportunities. Even if the restaurant has only a small space available once decorated tastefully and the restaurant can start making money from the extra real estate that have access to. Even if it can only fit four tables with an average bill amounting to £40 thats still over £160 extra an hour the restaurant wouldn’t have made.

Offer Light Lunches and Sharing Plates

During spells of hot weather the last thing a lot of people want is a heavy steak and chips or mountain of spaghetti and meatballs. Its well worth exploring lighter dishes to add to you menu. Having smaller meals or food for sharing is very appealing for areas with high volumes of foot traffic as people down want to be shopping, sight seeing or traveling after eating a heavy meal. This is a great opportunity for restaurant owners and chefs to start developing creative sharing boards, vibrant salads and exciting wraps using summery seasonal ingredients.


Make Sure the Atmosphere Reflects your Business

There is no need for a beach front location or a rooftop with a city skyline view. You can make any space you have as your disposal unique and full of character. You want to try and keep your brand running through the whole restaurant including the outdoor dining areas so be adventurous with your outdoor space but create a dining area that represents your brand.

Mobile POS Solutions

Mobile POS solutions have becoming more and more popular in the hospitality industry from restaurant and cafes to bars and clubs. Where as traditional POS systems are stationary and are generally anchored to a waiter station a mobile POS system allows far more freedom and flexibility. An outdoor dining area is not always convenient for waiter service when using a traditional POS system so mobile POS solutions can allow your waiters to take orders and send them directly to the preparation areas all from the outdoor dining area.


Get in touch with a member of our lovely team to find out more about our waiterPad Mobile POS at info@urrestaurant.com or drop them a call on 01223 851 781, they would love to hear from you.

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